Our Services


Varden Capital Properties, LLC (VCP) is a fully-integrated real estate firm focused on the acquisition, improvement and management of previously devalued real estate and redevelopment projects that create and capture value across the Southeast. Offering investors a complete investment package and substantial returns, the VCP suite of services includes the identification of potential properties, initiation of due diligence, the execution of the various stages of the investment transaction and betterment of the property. We have a wide client base encompassing financial institutions, pension funds, private partnerships, high net worth individuals, lenders and government agencies. Our vertically integrated business model leverages expertise across multiple disciplines to deliver results.

Our acquisition and development strategies rely on more than 25 years of experience to identify undervalued assets with strong potential to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns. VCP has maintained the flexibility and financial discipline to capitalize on market conditions and valuation trends, and we are conservative in risk assessments. Our performance during the downturn demonstrated our commitment to being strategic, rather than defensive. In select markets, well-conceived property renovation and repositioning programs, which enhance the economic value of existing properties, are often a smart alternative to new construction.

We target assets in market conditions that offer improved cash flow and property appreciation through market recovery, property repositioning, capital improvements and professional property management.

  • Distressed assets (loan purchases, short sales, bankruptcy, foreclosures and REO).
  • Value-add assets:
    • Requiring significant physical renovation in submarkets where new entitlements for development are difficult or infeasible.
    • Needing operational repositioning in core locations where rent levels are at a significantly lower price point than new assets.
  • Core and core-plus assets for a variety of capital sources using modest leverage and a long-term hold strategy.
  • We develop our apartment communities from the ground up in high growth suburban settings within the south east area.
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